Seeking a Child to Adopt

We live in a small town in Western Washington and are looking for a newborn baby to adopt. We have a Buddhist home and use Japanese and English. We would like to raise our child to be bilingual.

To contact us, call (360) 724-8055.
Hiroki and Ben

Phone: (360) 724-8055
E-mail: adopt@benandhiroki.com
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Ben is from Western Washington and is self-employed as a translator.
Born and raised in Japan, Hiroki has lived in the US for twenty years and owns a successful bakery.
Hiroki and Ben...
After more than twenty years, we got married in 2012, and now we would now love to share our lives with a baby boy. We also have two family-loving collies who would welcome a baby.

We believe in raising children with a strong sense of self-responsibility and respect for other people, and in providing a warm, loving family environment. We believe Buddhism is a wonderful approach for attaining personal growth, instilling compassion and living in harmony with others. All of our parents and siblings are also excited about the prospect of a new family member.

We hope to raise our family with our extended families in Japan and Western Washington, as well as on Maui, where we also have a home.
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