About Us

We have been together for 26 years and were happily married in 2012. Our dream has always been to welcome a child into our family. We are caring people who will provide a loving, nurturing and inspiring home for our child.

Hiroki has been a well known and beloved member of Seattle’s culinary community since opening his popular bakery and espresso bar in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood in 2002. He has been featured in several publications and television shows including Seattle Magazine and PBS channel 9.

He sold the bakery in 2015 in order to relocate to a small town about an hour away from Seattle. He now owns and runs a small, successful farm-to-table organic restaurant.

We own a beautiful four-bedroom house on a third of an acre, where Hiroki grows a magnificent rose and vegetable garden in a lovely residential area not far from the water. We chose this area as an ideal environment to raise our family.

Ben is an established and busy linguist and translator of Japanese. He has translated hundreds of thousands of words of patents, travel websites and much more over the course of his 20-year career. As an experienced linguist, he is aware of the special abilities of young children to acquire language. We look forward to raising a multilingual child. We speak both Japanese and English at home, and practice Buddhism.

Ben’s family is in Seattle and we are both very close to them, having always been involved in the raising of his nieces and nephews. We also have large, extended families in Japan, Seattle and Hawaii, that include many children and it has been such a joy to have them in our lives. We now look forward to welcoming a child into our home and lives.

Are you thinking of placing your baby for adoption, or do you know someone who is? Please contact us!

The rural view from our backyard

Ben and Hiroki wedding