Our Letter

Hello expectant mother, father, friend or family member, and thank you for visiting our website.

Ben and Hiroki wedding

We first met in Japan when Ben was 25 and Hiroki was 22. Ben was teaching English and Hiroki was working at an apparel store. A couple of years later, we moved back to the US. In our 26 years together, we have been through a lot and accomplished many things. Ben established a career in translation and Hiroki created a famous cake shop in Seattle and has been featured in magazines and on TV (twice!)

But we wish to share our lives with a child and participate in the joys and tribulations that come with raising a child. Both of us love children and wish to provide a caring environment that is safe and nurturing. We believe in balance, self-responsibility and good manners.

Our families and friends are all thrilled that we are seeking to adopt a child and would be part of the “village of love and care” that children thrive on. And as part of that village, we hope that the birthmother and birthfather will be a part of the child’s extended family so the child can have that special love from all the important people in his or her life.

We hope you will contact us if you think we would be a good fit. Also, please take a look at our Abby’s profile.


Ben and Hiroki