Pictures from Our Wedding

Diana and Sebastian
Ben's sister and niece
Ben and Hiroki wedding
On our wedding day!
Ben's mom and stepfather
Ben's family
Ben's sister, mother and brother
Everyone watching the ceremony
Hiroki and Ben with friends

Our Home

Our Backyard
The backyard with the magnolias in full bloom
The magnolias in full bloom
Vegetable garden
Hiroki's vegetable garden

A Sunday Outing with Friends

with friends at Deception Pass

Two long-time friends recently visited from Japan, so we took them to Deception Pass after Sunday brunch at a local cafe. The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time!


Hiroki is from Japan, which is where we met when Ben was working there teaching English

We both love Japan very much and speak Japanese at home. We look forward to sharing our home with a child and providing a bilingual environment. We also look forward to trips to Japan with our child so we can share the natural beauty, customs and culture of Japan.

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places in the world. No matter how many times you visit, there are always more shrines and temples to see, and the foliage is vivid with colors, especially in spring and fall. This was a location we stumbled upon as we walked around one day. It had both a shrine and a temple.

a shrine in Kyoto
Ben eating fish on a skewer
High in the mountains, we found a restaurant that serves fish on skewers!
Hiroki in Mie
Hiroki at Mie Prefecture, Japan, near where he was born. The gentle inlet here is famous for its pearls.
Vine bridge
This picturesque stream looks almost magical.
We made it across the suspension bridge built from plant fiber!
Hiroki on the vine bridge
And Hiroki, too!